Meet MAD–the Sales Team

Blog Author: Aaron Smith | May 21st, 2015

The heart and soul of Correct has to be the sales team. A little bit crazy, love a bit of drama, talking, laughing and music, like to eat and late for everything – this is the place for you! Seriously though, the team is hardworking, energetic and focused on giving the best customer service possible.

Mio is our slightly OCD, cardigan wearing, sales coordinator and marketing assistant. He produces complex quotes and understands much of the jargon the techs throw around, being a bit geeky himself! In fact, he is constantly spending money on new technology and keeps up with what’s happening in the land of shiny things.

Aaron epitomises the fact that all the best sales people have an inherent belief in their own greatness! Highly energetic and barely organised, he has a knack of getting people to do stuff for him while juggling multiple balls– a good quality in a sales and marketing manager! He is committed to Correct’s success and growth and welcomes any opportunity to get in front of our customers.

Deborah is old school customer service – OK on the technology, but better on the really fun part of sales – building relationships. Attention to detail and a firm belief in delivering on promises are her touchstone. Deb finds “her boys” a tad exasperating at times but has learnt to tune out the worst of the noise – they keep her young in spirit, and are constantly challenging the “old dog, new tricks” saying!


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