Microsoft has announced that its corporate communications program, Lync, will be re-badged as Skype for Business. It will also undergo a makeover to make it more like the Skype look and feel. We should expect to see these changes in early 2015 and will be automatically rolled out to Office 365 users.

You can read more about these changes at the following blog post:

There are some concerns over the confusion that names Skype and Skype for Business may cause given previous history with OneDrive, but overall, consolidation of brand names makes a lot of sense on many fronts.

There is also the hope that some of the features currently part of Skype will make their way into Lync to make it more usable on mobile devices especially. With the union of the teams working on these products, that is a very strong possibility.

These changes are further indication of the rapid rate of change in the Office 365 product, which is great for subscribers because it means they are constantly getting better products faster. Watch out for more updates as these will certainly not be the last.