There was a song back in the 90’s called ‘Losing My Religion’ by REM. The hit talked about the confusion of life in general… How does it relate to our topic? Well simple. These days passwords are very much part of our life. Unfortunately, still too many people really really really (yes – three really’s) hate having strong and difficult passwords because they are hard to remember. Often people like to have the same passwords, across all of their apps and websites, using the same email address.

That, right here, is where the hackers win. Indeed, because you’re using the same password everywhere, hackers will only need to hack ONE insecure website that has your email address and password, to be able to gain access to your Facebook, your emails, your online bank, and so on. When they have access to one, you’ve lost it all.

Once you’ve lost your passwords to cyber criminals, it’s very difficult to get it back under control. So how do you handle it? How do you manage to have different passwords for each and every website you’re using?

At Correct Solutions, we’ve been running Cyber Security awareness training for some time. As part of the program, we often talk about the benefits of a password management solution – a specific piece of software that you can use to securely store all your passwords in one place. When using a password manager, the system remembers the username and password you need to login to a website and automatically enters the details for you. This way, your password can be as long and complicated as required, like C7*SHv5WHc!^ or aQ9U^ykH7tsv, but you only need to know and remember the one master password that you need to get into your vault.

Your password management solution can also be added on your phone or laptop and is often linked to a web-based security service. Some password managers can also be protected by 2 levels of authentication, including things like fingerprint or facial recognition, so it’s almost impossible for the cyber criminals to get in. Likewise, the security services behind these facilities are watching like a hawk for strange logins, and will close the shutters on the bad guys to block them from accessing your personal information.

At Correct Solutions, we work hard to keep your business systems and data safe but one of the main areas of cyber vulnerability is unsecure, overused passwords. Let’s work together to protect your organisation from cyber-attacks and ask us about the password management system we recently implemented for many of our clients already. Call us on 1300 267 765 to find out more!