Location automation

Blog Author: Aaron Smith | May 26th, 2014


A while back we mentioned here how a service like If This Then That (ifttt.com) can be utilized to automate many common tasks by linking web based applications quickly and easily. The Ifttt service has now added an Android phone channel.

What this means is that you are now able to use the location service of the Android phone to trigger actions. For example, you can automatically set your phone to silent when you are at work and then back to normal when you leave. You can do this because your Android phone has a GPS built in that records where it is currently located.

Having the ability to trigger events based on your location is very powerful but the new IFTTT Android channel can also do lots more. If you use the social location service Foursquare then you can be notified when a friend checks in nearby. It can also be used to automatically log phone calls and SMS’s to a web storage location like Gdrive or OneDrive. All the options that are available point to how powerful these hand held devices are these days.

The secret to true productivity is to automate as much as possible and with technology this is certainly possible. Beyond working with Android, if you haven’t looked at what If This Then That can automate for you then you really should. Best of all, it is free to use and really easy to setup and configure.

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