One of the new features that Microsoft is bringing to Windows 10 is its virtual assistant known as Cortana. We first saw Cortana in Windows 8 phone but now “she” has made her way to the desktop.

Cortana gets its name from the virtual assistant in Microsoft’s Xbox Halo series of games. Cortana is also being migrated to other platforms such as iOS, and an Android version is expected in the not too distant future. The power to run Cortana effectively comes from the cloud, with the indigence quotient coming from Bing.  This provides the ability for Cortana to leverage huge amount of processing power for each request. Another important feature Cortana has is it that it learns the more that it is used, and this is why it is aimed at becoming a true ‘virtual digital assistant.

If you allow it, Cortana can look inside your inbox and remind you about important appointments and when you should leave. It can also capture things like travel confirmations and automatically add these to your calendar. However, the major use for Cortana will be search. Thus, rather than typing in you’ll simply be able to simply ask for what you are searching for.

Cortana is not alone in the virtual assistant space with both Siri from Apple and Google now also pressing claims to provide software to manage people’s lives. It is amazing to think of how far we have come and how much closer we are getting to the world once only imagined in Star Trek. Look for Cortana when Windows 10 becomes available and don’t be afraid to put ‘her’ to work for you.

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