Are you in a state of calm or has the crazy descended already?  That’s right; it really is nearly the end of May – your calendar isn’t lying to you even though it feels that far too recently we were doing the whole Easter thing!

Have you prepared your budgets for the next fiscal year?  We want to talk about how you view your IT budget.  Is it a “necessary evil”, a headache that has to sit on your Profit and Loss statement, or do you view your investments in IT as important factors in your ability to reduce costs in other areas, such as office communication, travel, warehousing and inventory, your people, real-estate?  Have you considered how investing in IT can enable you to make savings right across the business?

We can show you how to change your perception and understand how critical your IT can be in aligning and achieving your business goals.  For us internally, we truly believe that our activities as our clients’ trusted IT Provider can have a direct impact on the profitability of their business.

Whether we’re fixing niggling issues, making it quicker for clients to deal with paperwork, or upgrading an entire system, we’re affecting productivity.

When we install Lync and enable clients to video conference, when we fix their VoIP systems or help them set up their smartphones, we’re helping them cut the cost of communications.

When we install systems that make their LOB Applications run better, we’re helping them cut costs of things like keeping track of inventory or running payroll.

Investments in The Right IT can have a huge impact on the overall business.  If you’d like assistance planning your IT Budget so you get the very best out of it for the next 12 months and beyond, give us a call, we’d love to hear from you.