One of the trends that is changing the way we communicate is social networking. Most people are already well versed in how that equates in their personal lives, through things such as Facebook and Linkedin.

If social networking is such a powerful trend, why do we see so little of it in business? One reason is the bad name social networking receives in an office setting. Many business people can’t understand how posting pictures of cats can in fact help their business.

Like any technology tool, social networking is very powerful when used correctly. That means giving users direction, policies to follow and helping them understand how to use the tools within the business. The greatest benefit that social networking will provide a business is exposing more information and making it available to everyone, quickly and easily.

Social networking tools for business do exist. One example is Yammer, which is now being integrated into advanced Office 365 plans. This means many people have the ability to start using Yammer immediately but may be unaware of it.

Yammer is private social network that your business controls. You can restrict it to your internal users, but it is also possible to extend it to external partners such as customers. Doing so has the advantage of reducing emails, and also making important conversations and information public. This means that information in Yammer can also be searched by those who are looking for a solution to a problem.

Social networking is a growing trend that is not going to slow down. It is important for business because it is an important tool to attract good employees who expect to communicate using these techniques. It is also an important method of sharing more information and allowing your organisation to be more agile.

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