One of the major health concerns being voiced is that fact that we are all spending too much time on our backside instead of being up and moving around.

Our modern lifestyle means that we send a lot of time in meetings and in front of computers. This means a significant part of most people’s day is spent sitting down and generally being inactive. Unfortunately being active elsewhere in the day doesn’t necessarily compensate for the time of inactivity.

So what can you do? The easiest option is firstly to take more short breaks where you get up and away from your desk and go for a walk. A more serious commitment is to look at a stand up desk, which is engineered exactly as it sounds. It involves an elevated desk that requires you to stand at to work. An more extreme option is to have a treadmill desk where you walk as you work.

Another simple thing you can do is look at monitoring how much you move or walk around each day. As mentioned previously in this blog, there is a growing trend towards devices that allow you to monitor your health statistics and provide you with feedback and recommendations on the results.

Clearly, long periods of inactivity are not good and need to be addressed at both a personal and a business level. Things such as stand up desks are an easy option to implement at least try to see whether they are a workable solution.

Spending long periods of time on your back side working on a computer is beginning to look like the same threat to people’s health that smoking is.