Correct Solutions has for a long time been heavily involved in the development and design of the products we recommend for our clients.  Part of this is the Small Business Server product.

Our Technology Specialist, Wayne Small has been a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional for 8 years now and has taken feedback directly to the core of the Microsoft development team.  Wayne is spending next week at the Microsoft Corporate Headquarters in Redmond giving in-depth feedback on future features that we know our clients want to see in upcoming Server products from Microsoft in the SMB space.

Wayne is bound by Non Disclosure Agreements that mean he can’t talk about all the cool stuff that is coming out over the next few years, but he knows how to best guide our team and the solutions we provide for our clients with the future in mind.  This close relationship has allowed Correct Solutions to stay ahead of our competition and provide our clients with competitive advantages into the future. Some of our clients have been running SBS 2008 now for far longer than commercially available and we’ve just had another of our clients accepted into the Essential Business Server v2 program which is designed for environments with up to 300 users or computers.

If you would like more information on Microsoft Small Business Server or Microsoft Essential Business Server, contact us today!