insidecloudOn April 17 2013 Correct Solutions hosted an event called “Inside the Cloud”.  Clients were invited to come and spend half a day with our team, discussing different aspects of Cloud Technology – what it is, the difference between Public and Private Cloud and the available offerings, both from Correct Solutions as well as other providers such as Microsoft.

A big focus of the event was a new Business Continuity product called RedeemDR.  RedeemDR is a suite of Offsite Data Storage options that enable secure, encrypted backups to be stored and replicated in Data Centres located in Australia.

We also discussed the importance of Internet connectivity and our major sponsor for the day, PacNet covered off on their services for secure, business grade connectivity.

We were then lucky enough to experience a tour through PacNet’s Data Centre, which was actually quite an eye opener.  It currently spans over 2 levels, the 2nd level is being kitted out with plans for a third and the scale of the operation gives you some insight as to the direction this “Cloud thing” is taking…Growth and lots of it.

We enjoyed a generous spread catered for by Pot Belly Catering.  A big thank you to all of the attendees who took valuable time out of their schedules to come and spend the morning with us; everyone who attended now has a one month free trial of RedeemDR!

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