The Correct Team is made up of a number of different skill sets; IT Technicians, Sales and Marketing representatives, Administrative and Accounts staff, Management…but above and beyond what we do, the real value of our team comes from who we are.

As our team grows and the dynamics within it evolve, we’ve realised more than ever the importance of culture within our company.  How we interact with the people around us impacts enormously on the way we feel about the time we spend with them.

By no means can we say we’ve got the secret sauce or that we’ve perfected our team culture.  In fact, thinking everything is sorted and requires no further attention would no doubt mean our heads weren’t in the game!  That’s when things can take a turn for the worse.

We have implemented a few concepts that we hope make us more cohesive as a team and we wanted to share those with you.

A very simple but effective concept; for a couple of years now we have run a “daily huddle”.  Anyone who’s called in between 9 and 9.10am will know we’re all in our morning meeting.  This is key to getting us all on the one page and opens up the lines of communication as well as giving us an opportunity to set the tone and focus for the day.

A deeper and more pervasive concept was implemented about six months ago.  We wanted to work out what “Correct” stands for; this lead to the adoption of our Core Values.  We believe these values should be at the heart of our interactions.

Personality profiling can help a team better understand their dynamics and provides insight into healthier communication.  We adopted a quirky and fun methodology for evaluating our team’s personality types to work out “who’s who in our zoo”.

As we are always on the lookout for ways to improve, we wanted to get some feedback from you about your company culture.  What makes it great, how could it be better?  What events or activities build a great culture in your workplace?

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