As the number of websites, applications and systems that users must access to do their work multiplies, password management solutions haven’t kept pace. The need for passwords is universal in a technology-dependent era, but the way password access is managed is, perhaps surprisingly, often an overlooked consideration. In fact, password related breaches are the leading cause of data loss – so it’s not to be taken lightly.

As more companies move towards cloud-based technologies and there is a trend to more geographically-dispersed workforces, the number of employees remotely accessing online information to do their work is dramatically increasing.

Have you evaluated how your users are signing on to your business systems – in terms of security and ease of use, both locally and if working remotely?

IT and end users agree – Single Sign-on is the best

A Single sign-on (SSO) password management solution, where users gain access to multiple networks by logging in to a single web portal, is a key component of ‘ID as a service’ (that IT providers like Correct Solutions can offer). Single Sign-on has several benefits for your business and for your end users or staff:

  1. One stop password passport: with SSO, your end users only need one set of login credentials rather than having to remember a series of user IDs and passwords – so navigating to websites and applications becomes faster and simpler. And for your critical systems which need strong passwords, SSO eliminates the need for your employees to remember unique user names and complex passwords.
  1. Replaces unsecure browser passwords: unfortunately, the ability of web browsers like Chrome to remember and submit passwords can give users a false sense of security. In contrast SSO is a secure password management solution that replaces the need for employees to save their passwords in their browsers, (a feature which can also be disabled).
  1. Time saving and productivity: SSO can eliminate the accumulated time that employees spend looking for and entering passwords (plus the constant re-setting of passwords – which we all know is commonplace!). And from the user’s perspective the process is invisible – the password management system provides the user’s login credentials behind the scenes, enabling the user to be logged in automatically. A good SSO solution will also reduce IT help desk calls and free your IT professionals to spend their time on more important projects.
  1. SSO and MFA – a highly secure combination: when paired with multi-factor authentication (MFA), SSO provides a password management solution that greatly increases the security of your data as well as being user friendly. MFA provides an additional factor of authentication for users to gain access to the SSO web portal, and in fact is a critical pairing with your SSO solution as without it your data is more vulnerable.
  1. One system to secure: with SSO, your security administrators can focus their efforts on securing just one system, rather than having to secure multiple, maybe hundreds of access points to your systems.

Ready to improve security and efficiency?

As employees access a growing number of online resources, they need to spend more time keeping track of usernames and passwords. This encourages the use of weak passwords, recycling the same password for multiple applications, or storing passwords insecurely. These practices can lead companies to be exposed to a significant amount of risk.

A centrally-managed password solution like SSO can reduce security risk and aid compliance, improve employee productivity and reduce IT support costs.

The expansion of Cloud has brought many benefits to organisations, but it’s crucial to consider how your staff are accessing your systems. To keep your business secure, it’s worthwhile looking at Single Sign-on, an important part of Correct Solutions’ Complete Identity & Access Management Solution. Contact us today to find out more.