R Weatherdon & Co Pty Ltd had a really slow and aged Server.  Processing data was painful and the act of running reports was just taking far too much time and slowing down their productivity.

Upon a referral from their Accounting software support company, R Weatherdon contacted Correct Solutions to provide a strategic IT consultation.  After the initial consultation, a replacement Server was recommended.  A HP Server utilising Microsoft Hyper-V virtualisation technology was employed to host a new Microsoft Windows Small Business Server 2011, as well as a dedicated Line of Business/SQL Application server.

Utilising Hyper-V to create two independent environments for the SBS Server and their SQL Server enabled us to get the best efficiency out of each system.

After the replacement, the reports from their Line of Business application now run seamlessly and take just a few minutes, compared to an hour!  They also enjoy the use of Remote Desktop Gateway, which allows them to remotely connect back to the Server without any hassles.

Correct Solutions also assisted with the selection of appropriate Microsoft software licensing.  Based on budget, business goals and requirements, Open Licensing was the most suitable solution.  Correct Solutions facilitated the procurement and delivery of the licensing to the client.

Industry: Wholesale/Distribution

Company size: 11 – 49 Seats