Alchemex provides reporting/Business Intelligence solutions that interact with a company’s accounting or payroll system and deliver financial and business management reports.

Alchemex engaged Correct Solutions in February 2010 to conduct a Network Audit and provide recommendations for the condition of the Alchemex network infrastructure, with a view to providing ongoing support.  Since then, Correct has acted as Alchemex’s IT partner, performing various support activities such as Server patching and maintenance and supply and maintenance of equipment as required.

In 2012, Alchemex sought Correct’s consultation regarding their on-premise phone system, which was no longer reliable.  Not only was the infrastructure an issue, but the underlying SIP connections had been broken into several times over the previous 18 months.  Overall, the system had limitations that they wanted to work around.

They wanted the ability to work from the office or from home and still have access to the company phone system and each other in either location or while travelling.

Correct Solutions recommended a Hosted PBX (Private Branch Exchange) system.  A Hosted PBX is a virtualised IP phone system that provides advanced call handling features for a low monthly price.  Instead of having a traditional costly hardware system installed onsite, a hosted PBX system delivers the PBX functionality “as a Service”.

A 5 Line Hosted PBX was perfect for Alchemex, offering:

Unlimited Extensions
Inbound and Outbound Fax
Video Conferencing
No limitations on other PBX features
This solution allows the staff to have a handset in the office as well as in their home offices and work from either location without the need to log in or out.  Likewise when staff are travelling, they have the option of utilising a soft phone (via a laptop/pc/iPhone app) with a headset to stay connected.

By replacing the old and insecure system that was costing a lot in ongoing maintenance, Alchemex now enjoys:

A hosted phone system with multiple incoming numbers
Ability to implement an automated Interactive Voice Response (IVR) and after-hours messaging system to help route calls
A purely hosted and scalable system that allows them to add or remove additional handsets with no extra monthly costs
The ability to have handsets in key staff’s homes, which allows them to be more productive and flexible
The ability to be connected to the company phone system while travelling.
Industry: BI Solutions

Company Size: 11 – 49 Seats