Recently Microsoft discontinued it’s extremely helpful Findtime scheduling application for new users. Existing users can continue to use the application but it does raise questions about the future direction of the Findtime product. Microsoft however seems to be putting its energy into a new scheduling project called

You can register your interest to use the product at and you should do so with your Office 365 email address.

When you are invited into the preview you’ll receive an email with the details of how to use, however all you really need to remember is to CC an email address that includes Cortana when you wish to schedule a meeting. Cortana is Microsoft’s digital assistant (a version of Apple’s Siri on steroids) which will then takes over all the management of the appointment scheduling. Cortana will look for available times in your calendar and suggest these to attendees. Cortana will manage booking people in the background and when it finds an available time slot for the meeting will automatically send out calendar invites and enter the booking directly into your calendar.

It is a pretty slick process and good example of what the new AI agents (known as bots) are able to achieve. We are likely to see continued growth in the application of bots inside a business as a way of automating many routine tasks. You’ll also find bots in things in Office 365 such as Microsoft Teams. So, if you haven’t had a play with these yet, go and see what tasks they may be able to automate for you.