Have you seen Google Plus?

Blog Author: Aaron Smith | September 27th, 2013

Chances are if you haven’t then you soon will. Google’s social media network is growing extremely quickly. Some pundits put it at the same level as Facebook.


Clearly, there is a difference between raw users and active users but the growth of Google Plus indicates the amount of people that Google is across and for that fact alone it is something that you should ignore.

The way that we communicate is changing and social media is a large part of that change. as the above graphic there are numerous services that have millions and millions of users, the question is, whish ones are your business using?

Most businesses still struggle with the concept of integrating social media into their business and how they generate positive return on investment.However, merely sitting on the sidelines does not bring such understanding closer. The only way to learn is to develop and execute a strategy.

Developing a social media strategy means working out what you want social media to provide. Is it more customers? Better service? More engagement? Once you have this then you can start looking at which social media services work for your business.

No matter what your strategy, it seems clear that you can no longer ignore Google Plus when it comes to thinking about social media.

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