Many businesses are now outsourcing their IT to a Managed Services Provider (MSP).

There are good reasons for this.

– It’s cheaper than hiring someone on a full-time salary

– You can draw on them on an as-needed basis

– You’ll benefit from the expertise and diverse industry knowledge of the whole MSP team

But how do you find the right one for your business?

There are so many MSPs out there, all offering similar services, it’s hard to wade through the options. Here are our top tips for what you should look for when selecting an MSP.


1. What experience do they have?

How long they’ve been around for doesn’t need to be a deciding factor (after all, all great companies began as start-ups). But it’s worth considering their stability and expertise. Correct Solutions, for example, has been in the IT business for 21 years, and employs more than 50 people with experience in IT across a range of industries. Internal skillsets are also an important consideration.

When looking at prospective MSPs, ask yourself – and them – questions like:

– Can they support the services and apps my business is using right now?

– How many people have they hired and fired recently?

– What are their plans for future growth?

– What are they doing to evolve, stay up-to-date, and enable continual growth?


2. How will they benefit your business?

Obviously, you will want them to be competitively priced. However, it’s important to remember it isn’t all about price. Service and what they offer your business is so much more important.

Consider: How can IT enable your employees to be more efficient?

Ultimately, this is the core benefit an MSP should solve for you. What’s more, any MSP worth their salt should help you discover the answer to this question.

Working with an MSP will ideally increase your revenue through improved productivity and by leaving you to focus on what you do best – grow your business.

Yes, the costs should be discussed upfront, such as with our IT Manager as a Service (ITMaaS) solution. You should know what budget to set aside for IT strategic input. We allow you to scale this up or down as needed. Most MSP contracts don’t require you to be locked into a long-term contract which is also a plus.

The MSP should be focused on earning your trust and loyalty, rather than wedging you into a fixed agreement.


3. Will they steer away from shiny, new tech if it doesn’t suit your business?

Shiny object syndrome – it happens to the best of us. A new tech or app comes on the scene and we all divebomb for it.

That might be fine at home, but it has no place in business and your ideal MSP should really help you steer towards what is going to work for you. They help you really understand the value of new tech to your business before you make an unnecessary investment. Tech is changing so rapidly, it’s not sustainable, budget-wise, to jump on each new thing. Often, the new tech won’t suit your business needs anyway.

When considering an MSP, ask them to justify why each bit of tech they recommend is most suited to your business.

Is it stable, consistent and secure?

Will your MSP train your team how to use it?

Can they give you a solid plan for how IT fits in your business strategy?


4. Will they provide an exceptional customer experience?

Onboarding a new partner, like an MSP, takes time. Ideally the partner needs to make it as simple and stress-free as possible for you and your team.

Your ideal MSP should show you how they’ll:

– Respond to, and turn around, issues – do they have Service Level Agreements?

– Tackle compliance and security – this is a major IT liability and your ideal MSP must be strongly focused on it

– Deliver progress reports – MSPs should be offering reports on servers, systems and risk at least quarterly, taking each chance to prove what value they’re providing to your business

– Refine systems and processes – keeping things up-to-date so you don’t have to

– Train their staff regularly – tech changes fast and you’re relying on them to make sure what you have in place is working hard for you

– Keep you accountable – ensuring you do the work they need you to do so that you’ll be successful

At Correct Solutions, we draw on two decades’ experience to ensure you always have access to our best practice as an exceptional MSP.


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