We are fast approaching the time of year when many people elect to take some time off to celebrate with family and friends. It is therefore probably a good time to think about what you plan to do with your business technology systems during the period.

In Australia the weather can get quite warm at this time of year, so it is important to ensure that any technology you elect to leave running has adequate cooling. We have seen clients leave for holidays and switch off the air conditioning, forgetting about servers running in the back room. Of course, after a few days of warm weather these machines can begin to fail, which can be very disruptive to everyone’s holiday.

If your business is going to be closed over the Christmas/New Year break, it is probably a good idea to power everything down until you return. However, in that event, remember that a lot of things happen in the background with machines. This includes patch application, virus scanning signature updates and so on. Thus, when machines are powered back on they will immediately start running these processes, so allow some extra time.

Another thing to consider if you are away is how your server will be backed up? If backups are done to something like an external hard disk, how will that continue if no one is there to physically change the drives? Perhaps, now is the time to consider an Internet based backup to store the information automatically off site.

It is also important that we have emergency contacts during the period. If key people won’t be available, you need to make sure the names and contact details of those taking their place during the holidays are made available to us, so if needed, we can provide support as quickly as possible.

Hopefully during the holidays your systems continue to run without interruption, but a few moments of preparation now can greatly improve the chances of that happening, and speed our response if required.

For assistance preparing your systems for the holidays please contact Correct on 02 8831 8200

Image courtesy of Mister GC at FreeDigitalPhotos.net