Our insatiable desire for the latest smartphone is really spurring the manufacturers to come up with something different, to stay in front of the competition.

It is a flourishing business at the moment and is only going to continue.  That can be best backed up with an observation from Ross Greenwood on the Today show recently; he pointed out that currently there are still some 1.5 billion handsets out there that are not smartphones!
One of the latest releases has been the Galaxy Note from Samsung, and compared to the iPhone it is a behemoth.

First and foremost it is important to do your homework and understand if it is going to fit your needs.  There are plenty of reviews out on the Internet that you can read to help you make up your mind.  However I am going to give my take on a few areas.


Pen input – the Galaxy Note utilises WACOM digitiser tablet technology from the WACOM tablets that many artists use for digital art.  As time and technology has improved, so has this type of input and teaming up with WACOM has been a real plus.  I just love this capability and found it to be really useful when on a phone call via a Bluetooth headset, I can make notes as I chat, much like a notepad. Hence the name – Galaxy Note!

Readability – because of the larger size and larger resolution, reading web pages and PDF’s is so much better than on smaller devices.  The video playback is also brilliant.  It is so much easier to utilise compared to smaller phones, without needing to carry around a larger tablet.

Connecting – Syncing and accessing the phone is one area that was a real bug bear for me on the iPhone.  I had an issue with iTunes not recognising my iPhone and wanting to reset it back to factory defaults.  I simply do not have issues with the Note.  Connect to a PC and I have full access to all the folders and can simply add and remove files as I need – great for music and adding ringtones etc.  This is without even using the Samsung KIES sync program; you are not tied to any one program like the iPhone to iTunes.

Camera – with a decent resolution of 8 mega pixels, it is quite good and easy to use. Battery life – Given the fair size battery, run time has been great.  I have found with Bluetooth and wireless running and moderate to heavy use, I have had just under 50% remaining at the end of the day.  So when the Bluetooth and wireless is not needed I tend to turn them off, extending the battery life even further.


Size – yes I did mention earlier that for me, the size makes it so much better.  For some it could be a problem when trying to handle or perform functions in the same way they have done with smaller handsets.

So far I have not found any other issues that I could put down as a Con!  In the end I could go on and on about this and that with the phone, simply for me compared to the iPhone, it is absolutely fantastic and very addictive.

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