Technology and computers are a critical part of most businesses today. The value of skilled and equipped people is even more important to a successful company. Combine technology and a skilled workforce, and you have a fast track to efficiency and productivity.

Yet, computer training is often overlooked. Managers assume employees know how to use basic programmes and technologies such as Microsoft Office.

Computer training – even at its most basic – can equip staff to get the most out of the software and hardware available to them. For example, knowing how to use an application like Microsoft Excel is one thing. Knowing how to use it to its full potential is quite a different matter.

At Correct Solutions, we believe that technology training can and will make your business better. We’ve put together our top four reasons why upskilling your staff will pay off.


1. Productivity and Efficiency

Technology training reaps the rewards. Something as simple as learning how to manage and file emails can cut down on time spent. The same applies to all the other programs and applications used daily. Shortcuts can provide your staff with the tips and tricks to complete tasks within an application faster. Take advantage of the wide range of features and capabilities and improve your staff’s efficiency.

A Microsoft study discovered that employees considered themselves unproductive for more than a third of their total working hours. Inefficient use of their technology resources was a leading factor. Imagine how much more work and output could be done with a little training!

2. Confident staff who feel valued

Investing in the skills and capabilities of your employees shows you value their work and their development. Providing staff with training opportunities helps them feel fulfilled and valued. It boosts confidence and empowers them to do their jobs to the best of their abilities.

People will always be a company’s most valuable asset. Replacing a dissatisfied employee who resigns can take up considerable time and resources. A 2013 study in the Global Journal of Management and Business Research concluded that training is crucial to employee retention. What’s more a new generation of workers – Gen Z – is entering the workforce and, according to Ryan Jenkins, a Millennial and Generation Z speaker, this new generation will, “seek employers that offer on-the-job and development training.”

3. Full use of IT capabilities

Technology training help your staff get the absolute best from the software, hardware, applications, databases, and programs they use every day.

Many of these applications are designed to make tasks smoother, quicker and more efficient. Using them to their fullest potential is great for employees and employers alike. Everybody wins!

At Correct Solutions, we’ve found that many companies are not fully using all application capabilities. We’re working with our customers to try and change that.

4. Future proofing

It’s an all-too-common situation, especially for small-to-medium sized companies: Sally from Accounts leaves, and no-one knows how to do what she did, let alone use the applications properly.

Be sure technology expertise is not limited to one person. That way everything can run smoothly and efficiently even when individual employees leave, are sick or on holiday. Training up others to be confident and capable makes so much sense. Teamwork and collaboration are key!


Building a strong digital culture

Microsoft’s recent article “The Secret of Productivity,” says that “culture is your competitive edge.”

It refers to a digital culture in which “business leaders champion technology as critical in helping the company thrive, and where the use of these tools is encouraged, supported and organically adopted. In other words, a company with a strong digital culture encourages the use and support of technology to get work done in the most effective way possible.”

Training your staff correctly in the tools they use every day is an essential component of this. You’ll reap the benefits with more empowered, engaged, innovative and productive employees.

Correct Solutions would love to help you make this a reality in your business! Our specialised training service, CorrectED, provides you with the knowledge and expertise to help transform the way you and your team work.


We take a real-world approach to IT Training with short, sharp programs that focus on productivity gains your staff can immediately apply to their work.

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