The above graphic outlines the 4 IT megatrends that will dominate the next decade.

1. Mobility. Given that the sales of mobile devices already outstrip desktop sales, this trend is already in swing. However it still has a long way to run given that most of the population in emerging economies like China and India are yet to experience major penetration.

2. Social. Again, another trend that has been with us for a while now and should be obvious to anyone with children. Business interactions are now becoming more like Twitter or Facebook than traditional emails.

3. Cloud. Products like Office 365 and Azure have already exceed $2Bn per year in annual revenues and are still growing. More and more services are moving completely online to allow customers and employees more flexibility in the ‘where and when’ they work.

4. Big Data. We are now just entering the era of big data. Products like Excel and Power BI put enormous power into the hands of any business with the ability to aggregate and compare vast amounts of data quickly and easily. This analysis can reveal key factors that impact the profitability of a business.

The question now is, how prepared are you for these trends? How is you business poised to take advantage and react to these trends as they pan out.

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