The benefits of single sign-on (SSO) password management solution have become increasingly obvious in our fast-changing digital world. Every day, employees need to access numerous systems, applications and websites to do their job. Not only that, but cloud-based technology has resulted in an increasing numbers of employees working remotely. So they might be accessing those systems, applications and websites from home – or even from their car or the train.

Rather than having to memorise (or worse, write down) numerous passwords for different applications and websites, it makes far more sense for employees to use an SSO option. That way, they log into a single portal that provides access to multiple areas.

Given that using an SSO is easier and more efficient for employees and much safer for companies in terms of data security, it’s likely that if your business hasn’t already gone down this track, you’re thinking about doing so. But before you purchase an SSO solution, you need to think about how making the change will impact the day-to-day operations of your business. We’ve identified five key questions you should ask before you buy.

Question 1: Will your solution protect some applications by default?

As you know, some applications are more universal to businesses than others, and you should check with your vendor whether their SSO solution protects these applications by default. Applications that should be protected by default include your CRM RMM and PSA solutions. Cloud applications should also have default protection, regardless of whether your business uses Office 365, Google Apps or something else.

Question 2: Can access be assigned on specific criteria?

It’s important that the SSO solution you purchase allows you to assign access based on criteria such as the employee’s role within the company or structure, or the department in which they work. If the SSO solution offers this capability, you’ll be able to add users quickly and efficiently. You’ll also be able to change user permission levels if an employee switches department or takes on a new role.

Question 3: Can user access be easily revoked?

If someone leaves the company, or changes roles or  a department within it, then you need to be sure your SSO solution can revoke user access quickly.  Having someone who has left the company still able to access internal systems and files is a huge risk for any business, and if your SSO solution can’t revoke user access quickly and efficiently, then there is little point in having it.

Question 4: Is multi-factor authentication support built into the solution?

Given SSO systems basically vouch for the user’s identity before they access various applications and websites, you need to be certain that the solution you purchase demands more than a password at login stage. Check before you buy that the solution demands this.

Question 5: How does the solution increase productivity?

A good SSO solution eliminates those roadblocks that tend to crop up when a company implements security measures. Ask your vendor to demonstrate how their solution increases employee productivity and is designed for ease of adoption.

How Correct Solutions can help

At Correct Solutions, we can answer all of the above questions – and any more that you want to throw at us if you’re considering SSO password management solutions. We offer SSO solutions to decrease security risks and costs and enhance staff productivity.  In fact, SSO solutions are a vital part of Correct Solutions’ Complete Identity & Access Management Solution.

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