Technology is all around us, and it makes complete sense to us in the HR and Payroll functions of a business. Not only does it help employees complete the necessary tasks, but it can also turn your high-risk business into a low-risk one, at least when it come to HR and payroll functions. Here are five main reasons why technology should be incorporated into your payroll and HR business functions.


To Make Your Business Less Vulnerable

If you only have one employee that you are using to handle all of your payroll and HR functions, you are making a big mistake. One person, even if they are extremely competent, to handle these issues is a very risky business strategy. You also run the risk of not being compliant with laws especially if the individual is not well versed in them. If the person you have handling these issues for your company makes a mistake, you may be answering for them long after they have left your company. An example of this is having to pay significant fines if wages are paid incorrectly. The technology solution to this is a managed payroll service. They will have up-to-date technology and can handle all regulations better than one individual person.

You Need Easy Access To Payroll Data For Business Decisions

It may not seem like it on the surface, but your payroll data can play a huge role in how you further your business. You will spend countless hours trying to gather all of this data on your own when technology can generate it for you with the right programs. The data you can get from technology can help you motivate employees, help to develop a better working environment, and even discover high absenteeism or sick leave taken by employees. Knowing this data will allow you to get to the deeper issue and improve the company.

Your Employees Expect Updated Technology

Because there is increased technology at home, your employees may begin to expect an up-to-date system at work as well. Also, your payroll may not even be delivering as it is supposed to if you have an old system. You need to have an updated system to not only perform the way it is needed but also so you can meet employee expectations. The way to do this is by considering automation. If you have an automated system, you will not have to rely on your employees in HR and payroll to stop what they are doing to answer basic questions such as how much paid time off an employee has available.

Payroll Can Become Added Value To Your Company

As it likely stands today, you find payroll to be an annoying part of running a business. It may even be a part that takes up time and money that you wish you could use somewhere else. An automated payroll can free up some time while keeping staff and managers informed. With the right payroll automation, a lot of time will be freed up so it can be spent on other business functions. At the same time, the payroll software will be more useful to employees and managers, which adds even more value to it.

Technology Can Reduce Stress Associated With Payroll

Whether you handle payroll or you have hired someone to do it, one look into their office during payroll time will show you just how stressing it can be. Along with deadlines you have to meet and constant changes in employee pay, the people handling payroll also have to consider any relevant legislation and regulations that may affect the company. A lot of time has to be spent on this alone. However, with an automated system, this data is maintained for you through the support networks and robust infrastructure. This lessens the risk of being exposed and gives you more peace of mind.

There are many benefits that come with an automated payroll software and it really is a win-win for both the employees and the company as a whole. Your business will be compliant, your employees will not feel stressed out, and you will have more knowledge and information to improve your business. Not to mention, your employees in the HR and Payroll departments can focus on other components of HR.