Most employees spend a lot of time behind a keyboard at a desk and this may be doing them physical damage. We have all heard about ergonomics but few pay attention, however over long periods the effects are becoming more obvious and this may have major ramifications for business.

Occupational health and safety laws require employers to ensure that their employees are given a safe and risk free environment no matter where they are working. This extends to things such as how they use equipment like desktops and even mobile devices now.

As always, the starting point is policies and procedures as a reference but these need to be backed up by training and awareness. Maintaining a safe working environment is the responsibility of all employees but many need to be made more aware of how ignorance of ergonomics can lead to read problems down the track.

If problems develop then they can result in restricted duties and an inability to perform tasks required of the position which can have significant impacts on the business. This is why incorporating ergonomics into a business are important because they not only protect employees they also ensure that employees remain productive.

It is also important to remember the need for ergonomics for remote employees as well. Just because someone works away from the office (which happens more and more these days) doesn’t means the business isn’t still responsible in some way for their work environment no matter where it is. If you are unsure exactly what rules apply then you should check the relevant legislation on the matter.

As a business what are you doing to reduce the risk of repetitive injuries from using technology? How are you looking to improve the productivity of workers with technology (dual screen systems certainly help) and are you measuring what impact technology usage has for your team? If not, there is never a better time to start than now!