As we move towards the end of the financial year it is worthwhile casting your eye over your technology implementation and seeing whether there is anything you can invest in this financial year.

Most businesses have systems that need upgrading or perhaps renewing, others have need for new machines, tablets or mobiles. If you have any questions or just want some advice on what might work best for your business don’t hesitate to contact us.

In this day and age technology gets superseded very quickly. Likewise, the improvements that come with updated versions are significant. If you are still using an unsupported system like Windows XP, apart from being insecure, it is archaic when compared to modern operating systems. Also, if you have been put off by the ‘press’ around Windows 8 you probably shouldn’t believe everything you hear. Why not ask us for a demo of Windows 8 so you can see for yourself and understand the benefits that it may bring your business.

Apart from the investment in updated hardware and software, don’t overlook what is probably an even more important component of technology – training. Your users can have access the best technology in the world but if they can’t get it out of first gear then you are unlikely to see major productivity benefits. Even a small amount of training can product substantial improvements in both user productivity and satisfaction. Correct can help when it comes to training on all the products you are probably using today. If we can help you save an 1 hour a day with your technology by showing you how to use it better, that will save you about a month over a year! That’s like having another holiday.

So take a moment before June 30 and make sure you are able to claim the maximum amount of technology deductions for your business.