Digital Transformation is something that is happening constantly without people even realising it and here at Correct Solutions we are expanding our services so as to enable our clients to dramatically improve their business through the intelligent adoption of appropriate digital technologies.

As a business leader in 2020, have you ever wondered:

  • How you can get more business value out of your current applications and technologies?
  • How your organisation can be more productive with collaboration, digital platforms and business intelligence?
  • How you can develop a digital transformation strategy and execute it flawlessly?

If you’re unsure as to the answer, or you are simply curious, you might want to read-on…

What is Digital Transformation?

Successful organisations embrace digital technologies because they know this generates greater value for customers and provides an environment for employees to thrive – which equals higher profits for the business. Digital Transformation is the single most important opportunity that enables organisations to leverage technologies across all aspects of the business.

Why does it matter?

Done properly, businesses reap the benefits of more informed decision making, improved processes, and better communication. All resulting in exceptional client experience and improved bottom line. When done ad-hoc, businesses risk employees becoming less productive, processes breaking down and clients getting frustrated – potentially leading to customers and employees looking toward the competition.

What is the challenge?

In the past, savvy executives looked for new growth opportunities then implemented technologies, such as CRM to boost sales, line of business applications to get more visibility into the business, or team collaboration tools to improve internal communication. However, these initiatives did not always go as anticipated. Some failed entirely, others delivered less than desired results, and many just went way over budget.

Why are there so many failures?

The reason failure has been so common is twofold. First, Internal IT personnel and outsourced IT providers do not understand the business and tend to focus solely on technology. Then, they do not provide a systematic approach for executives to uncover opportunities, plan initiatives, and successfully execute projects. Keeping up with change and staying ahead of the curve requires businesses to employ a systematic approach to ensure Digital Transformation initiatives are well planned, flawlessly executed, and rapidly adopted across the organisation.

If you want to stay up-to-date on what is happening around the technology world and are interested in unlocking the full potential of a digital workplace, reach out to our Digital Maturity Advisor to find out more.