How long is it since you have done a digital tidy up? Over the years you end up with many, many accumulated files that you may no longer need. The easiest option for these files is to delete them. You’ll be surprised at how much space you can free up when you remove all the stuff you no longer need.

If there is information that you wish to keep but don’t need to access regularly, then you should consider archiving it to a central location. The obvious location for this is probably the cloud but it could also be done to an external USB drive. Using the cloud means that the archived information will be available where ever you have access to the Internet.

Next, consider uninstalling applications that you no longer need on your system. You can do this via the Control Panel and the Programs icon in Windows. Be careful about getting carried away here and uninstalling more than you should. Even if you elect not to uninstall anything it is still worthwhile taking a browse through what you have installed.

Because of the continued growth of all forms of digital storage it is so easy to develop a habit of simply ‘piling’ information everywhere. That can make it extremely hard to locate information when the time comes. Having a regular process of organizing and archiving your information, will be something you will be thankful for, the next time!

The problem is that unless you develop a good filing and archiving process the digital information that you accrue will simply become ‘lost’ to you after a while. When it does is it really worth retaining? If you can’t search it or find what you are after is it really worth having? Interesting question isn’t it?

There is obviously little real cost to archiving information to the cloud or local USB storage for safe keeping. However, doing so in an organised manner will reap greater rewards than doing it in an ad hoc manner. Take a few moments every so often to keep your digital storage tidy and current. The benefits are well worth it.