Digital Signage is a fast growing alternative to traditional static forms of messaging for retail stores and corporate buildings – it is (literally) easy to see why!

Utilising large Digital Signage Displays (DSDs) can offer distinct advantages over static signs and advertisements.  Depending on the number of displays you need to roll out, it is fair to say the initial investment could perhaps be greater than getting a bunch of posters printed.  Once that investment has been made however, the ability to create dynamic content means you don’t have to consider printing costs again – nor do you have to think about what to do with a bunch of redundant posters once the campaign has finished.

Digital signs can be adapted to the audience and even engaged with interactively by way of touchscreen.  This can open up a whole different method of exchanging information.  People think of DSDs for use in retail outlets and hospitality.  However, more and more businesses are starting to realise that if they have a message to convey, Digital Signage is a really great way of transmitting it.

Some alternative uses for DSDs include:

  • Staff training and boardroom presentations
  • Way-finders & “self-check-in” touchscreens in front office reception areas
  • KPI statistics that could be used to motivate and inform staff (e.g. real-time statistics such as number of service tickets lodged (we do this internally here at Correct), sales calls made or received etc.)
  • Evacuation information and safety notices

Whilst consumer grade TVs may appear to be a low cost solution for digital signage, there are some important considerations to keep in mind when deciding between commercial displays vs consumer grade TVs;

Flexible and simple design options – Daisy chain DSDs; allow for landscape or portrait orientation, take advantage of thin bezels, rear mounted speakers and smart software to clone or tile an image more naturally – all from a single media player/computer.  In comparison, consumer TVs only allow for landscape viewing and require a media player/PC to control each display!

Longer life span and peace of mind – Commercial grade product is designed for 24/7 usage and warranted specifically for this kind of use; compared to consumer grade, which is only designed to be on for about 8 hours a day.  Most consumer TV manufacturers will void the warranty if their product is used commercially, as you can be fairly certain to see issues such as image retention and blackening in direct sunlight.

HP have had commercial DSDs available for some time now and their new range, due for release late April will have some features that make integrating Digital Signage into your marketing and communication strategies even easier.

Embedded HP MediaSign Player Technology now provides a simple and straightforward media player right from the display. Loop pictures, movies and music from a USB stick to enable plug-and-play convenience for dynamic digital advertising.  NO PC required!

Add to that a couple of key improvements we believe are real winners; an integrated Ethernet Port and the new HP Network Sign Manager Software.  We can now assign an IP address to your Digital Displays and things like media play lists, command and setting changes can then be centrally managed.

The new displays are slimmer, brighter, smarter – and sure to add a lot of depth to your messages.  How would you use one of these displays in your business?  Give us a call today to discuss your ideas further!