Although a tablet is very handy for consuming information, it isn’t nearly as good when it comes to actually creating content. In simple terms it means that when you need a keyboard for extended periods of time, a tablet generally doesn’t cut it for most.

With that in mind, HP has recently announced the HP Pro x2 612, aimed at business users. It will offer a traditional notebook format but with a detachable screen that can also be used as a tablet. The device has a battery in the tablet as well as one in the keyboard. This will not only greatly extend the life of the device but also make recharging much simpler and provide a lot more flexibility than is seen today with traditional docking stations.

You can find out more about the upcoming HP device here:

HP Commercial Detachable 2-in1 Product Family.

These devices provide all the advantages of a laptop with the advantages of a tablet device. Being a single device means that no matter where you take it you will always have all the information you need at all times.