One of most interesting things about technology is that some people think equipment will run forever. We all know the feeling when we get a brand new machine – it boots quickly and has plenty of free disk space. However over time, we fill machines with applications that consume the resources. This can cause the machines to be perceived as “slow”.

Something else to consider is that many of the components in the machine are mechanical. The hard disk and fans turn at a high rate of knots while the machine is operating. As time passes, such components will wear out and eventually fail. An important saying to remember when it comes to hard disks is that ‘It is not a matter of IF a hard disk will fail, it is a matter of WHEN’. This is why backing up your information is so important, because hard disks won’t last forever.

You of course need to extract full ROI for any technology that you invest in, but at a point it becomes far more effective to upgrade and receive the benefits new technology provides. Consider the mobile device you are using today. You’ll find that most people don’t have a phone that is older than two years. Why? Because of the new features that become available with new models, people upgrade readily, as the feeling is that it’s important to have access to the latest technology as soon as possible. Should this not also apply to your desktop PC or notebook computer?

In short, don’t let antiquated tools and technology prevent you and your staff from working efficiently.

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