When FPG acquired the Tumut Grove farm in 2018, it inherited the existing infrastructure, which was outdated and not in line with how FPG establishes and operates its farms. Prior to its acquisition by FPG, there had been no dedicated IT support team at Tumut Grove. The employees managed with the limited time and skills of the existing team who should have been focusing on their primary roles. As a result, the way the architecture had been built left Tumut Grove open to risks.

The site was up and running but had no backups or shared resources, and the FPG team had no visibility of the site. This made it very difficult to manage the farm, especially during a critical time such as harvest when there is no room for disruption or connectivity issues.

We have had a long-standing relationship with Correct Solutions, so partnering with them for such a major project made sense. They have taken the time to understand how we do business, what we have in place across our other sites and the quality we need, said Dino Macedo, IT Manager at Fresh Produce Group.


The Tumut Grove project commenced in late 2019. Before the project began, time was taken by Correct Solutions to investigate, discover and develop a comprehensive scope with FPG.

“We saved so much time in the long run thanks to the initial scoping we did. All that discovery and work upfront was so worthwhile and also meant we avoided running into any issues during the rollout as we were so well prepared,” says Dino.

Since the rollout of the project commenced, Correct Solutions has:

  • Managed and coordinated 10 separate companies for various parts of the refit
  • Installed 8 server racks
  • Configured and installed 10 switches
  • Connected internet to the site over a long-range point-to-point wireless system
  • Run more than 800 meters of fibre to connect all the racks

With a project of this size, it is anticipated there will be some teething issues once the new infrastructure is switched on. However, thanks to the diligent preparation and planning undertaken, the migration was seamless with the majority of applications working without issue as soon as they were transferred. This enabled Correct Solutions to deliver the project under budget, as no time was spent fixing problems.


As a result of the updated infrastructure, Tumut Grove is benefitting from significantly improved connectivity: “Being in a regional area, we’re at the mercy of power and the NBN, and sometimes things occur that are out of our control. But there is definitely more stability with our connection now and the Wifi is much stronger at key locations such as inside the warehouse,” says Dino.

Tumut Grove now has automated backups, rather than relying on packhouse managers to conduct them manually, reducing FPG’s risk exposure and allowing the packhouse managers more time to focus on their jobs. The farm also has access to the central support desk with 24/7 support.

“FPG now has clear visibility of Tumut Grove’s operations. We have monitoring on all the switches and control infrastructure; we get alerts as soon as there is an issue so we can really be proactive about addressing them and maintaining productivity.

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