For those of you who haven’t heard as yet there is a virus making its way around the internet in a number of different variations with increasingly intelligent means of inviting users to click and thereby infect their machines.

That virus was originally known as Cryptolocker but since then has come across as a number of different variations such as TorrentLocker and Cryptowall.

Their success has grown as they use delivery methods that appear extremely genuine. Emails with links to download the virus have previously presented as Gas or Electricity bills, Australia Post Tracking Information, State Revenue Office fines, Courier Tracking Information, Resume’s and even Australian Federal Police Infringements.

While Anti-Virus Software can often protect you from infection, it is only as good as its understanding of the latest viruses. As such, everyone needs to be vigilant and apply caution to emails that seem fairly safe but may not be something received on a regular basis.

Correct will always urge caution and if you are ever unsure simply send the questionable item over and ask us to have a look.

Below are some of the screenshots seen so far.