Adobe has just finished providing the channel an update on the latest news from Adobe.

Here is a summary of the session:

Creative Cloud

Adobe has announced new versions of all their 15 point products and will be now be known as “CC” as their version – Eg; Photoshop CC, Illustrator CC, Dreamweaver CC, etc

  • These products will only be available exclusively through Creative Cloud
  • These new versions will be available to download as from 17 June 2013
  • A new special promotional price for CS3 or later customers of $480 for 12 months which is available as of today until 31st August 2013
  • A new “Single App subscription” coming soon (2nd half of 2013) for $359 for 12 months. ($29.99 per month)
  • A government version of Creative Cloud for Desktop will be available around July 2013

Creative Suite 6

Creative Suite 6 will still be available through TLP and CLP and will continue to be supported by Adobe for the next OS for Windows and Mac.

No new features will be released under Creative Suite 6, if customers are after the latest features they will need to purchase Creative Cloud for Teams.


There was no changes announced for Acrobat, it will still be available under TLP and CLP.

Check out Adobe’s You Tube channel or Adobe TV on all the new features that were released today – You Tube or Adobe TV.  If you’d like further information on Adobe’s Creative Cloud for Team offering, call our office, we’d love to hear from you.