Could You Be a Cyber Attack Victim?

Blog Author: Aaron Smith | November 20th, 2015


Did you know that Australians are among the highest number of computer users in the world that have fallen prey to cyber-attacks?  It seems we are a bit lazy when it comes to making sure we have secure passwords, and then to add insult to injury, we have a bad habit of clicking on links in emails just because they sort of seem legit! How many of us believe that the post office has our email address on file and will send us an email to track a parcel? Even though we are pretty sure we have not ordered anything that needs to be delivered?

The increasingly blurred lines between personal devices and work devices means it is critically important that companies take a strong stand on the need for better and tighter security of all devices. How many of us have our work email on our personal phones? The company has a right and an obligation to protect themselves (and by definition you) from malicious attacks.

Mobile devices account for about 30% of all transactions, and cyber criminals have responded to this with intense, targeted attacks.  Businesses need to be more active in monitoring access to devices, systems and applications and set policies that encourage keeping security front and centre.

Would you be willing to risk your entire business on your current security policies? Are they really protecting you and keeping you safe? If you are not sure, Correct Solutions will be happy to conduct a system safety check. Call us on 02 8831 8200


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