IT is our passion, and so are our customers. With these two things in mind, every couple of months, the team at Correct Solutions pick a select few customers and partners in a chosen industry and treat them to a slap-up lunch, while we pick their brains about the latest challenges they are facing, and how technology plays a part in their organisations.

Why do we do this? The reasons are two-fold. Firstly, it allows us to socialise with our customers – which in this digital age is often overlooked or forgotten about. Secondly, it allows us to mingle with leading industry experts, which upskills our team in the industry and enables us to understand – first hand – what their challenges are, and how technology can play a part in solving them.

We have run a few of these Lunch and Learn events – previously focusing on the Medical/Dental industry, and the Construction industry. This month’s event was for the Accounting industry.

We had some great participants, from HubOne, Spry Roughley, Sydney Accounting and Double Click Solutions and had some really insightful conversation. The food at Camperdown Commons was pretty good too!



High-level takeaways from the lunch:


  1. Technology has totally disrupted the Accounting industry – from self-service accounting tools, to the wealth of information available online
  2. The downside to this is that customers place less value on what Accounting firms can offer and because new tech means there is less contact with clients, customer retention can be an issue for them
  3. On the plus side, by enabling customers with technology tools, the Accounting firm can better service more customers because a lot of the manual day-to-day tasks have been automated or streamlined
  4. IT providers, such as Correct Solutions must be proactive and educate their customers about what’s possible and what is best practice for the industry.


Over the coming months, we will be sharing more detailed insights from the Lunch and Learn in our blog and on social media so make sure you are following our Company page [] and sign up to our newsletter.