Microsoft recently announced that it is bundling three products together into a single license. Office 365, Windows 10 and Information Protection are now available as a single bundle in enterprise and business offerings called Microsoft 365. The great thing about these new bundles is that they are not that much more expensive that stand-alone Office 365 plans.

Here’s how Microsoft 365 delivers even more value

Having all these common products rolled into a single subscription makes purchasing and allocation very easy. You can upgrade from any existing standalone Office 365 plan.

The greatest benefit, however, is the additional functionality:

  • With Windows 10 from Microsoft Office 365 you get much greater control over the devices that the software is installed on. You get improved deployment and management abilities as well.
  • The Information Protection piece allows you to better protect your data no matter where it resides. Whether on your device, in Office 365 or sent to others, Information Protection can help ensure that you retain full control of that information at all times.

Microsoft 365 comes in plans for large and small businesses and – like Office 365 – is a per user, per month cost. And, for a small incremental cost, you can get a range of new features and enablements via Windows 10 and Information Protection. These allow your business to be more productive, efficient and secure.

Of course, we also expect to see more features rolled into Microsoft 365 as time progresses, but there won’t be an increase cost for users –  it is all part of the subscription. How cool is that?

If your business is now looking to driving even more value from the Microsoft Cloud,  it is time to consider Microsoft 365.

Watch Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft announce Microsoft 365 in the below short video.

Microsoft Office 365 Video