You’ve got to love a tech giant with a sense of humour.

Cisco conducted a survey recently to find out what more than 1300 IT professionals from 13 countries thought of various trends happening in technology.  The published findings are communicated in quite an amusing way.

From the 2013 Cisco Global IT Impact Survey:

  • Of ITs ability to execute on Business Priorities, 35% are somewhat confident in their IT department’s ability to respond to the needs of the business, equal to their perceived ability to do “Gangnam Style” dance moves.
  • 34% of respondents say they’ve seen an actual SDN deployment as often as they’ve seen Elvis, Bigfoot and the Loch Ness Monster. (SDN, or software-defined networking is a fairly new technology that turns the control features in switches and routers into software; obviously a potential source of competition for Cisco).
  • 42% of respondents say they are as familiar with “The Internet of Things” as they are with Einstein’s theory of relativity.
  • 23% of respondents know they are doing a good job when they sleep at home instead of the office.
  • 18% of respondents would rather break out of prison or train for a triathlon than ask for additional budget

Overall, the survey highlights that “a greater strategy and alignment to business goals is needed to drive success and that plans for growth and innovation are tied to network readiness”.

We couldn’t agree more.  Strategic IT planning is paramount to ensuring that the network infrastructure that supports your company is ready to help you achieve your goals and plans for the future.