Work is no longer a place you go it is a job you do. Such changes have also meant that collaboration tools need to change and adapt to this new way of working. Office 365 now includes a new service known as Team that allows users to quickly and easily provision everything they need to get people working together on the same page.

Microsoft Teams leverages existing Office 365 services such as email, file storage, video conferencing, chat and more all provisioned quickly and easily under and single ‘team’ banner. Best of all, everything in a Microsoft Team can be accessed via an app on the desktop or a mobile device. This means users don’t have to keep swapping applications, they can stay inside the one app and get access to all the various forms of information.

Microsoft Teams also includes some new innovative technology known as ‘bots.’ All you do add a ‘bot’ to your chat channel and then ask it questions. You can use a travel ‘bot’ for example to find you the cheapest flight or find the closest accommodation. There are lots and lots of ‘bots’ that you can add to a Microsoft Team that can perform a range of automated tasks for you.

Microsoft Teams is a very different way of working when compared to traditional files and folders. It is all about allowing users to get access to the collaboration tools they need quickly and easily. This can be challenging to the way IT has been traditionally managed inside a business, but it is the way many people want to work today. Having tools that are easy to deploy is what today’s fluid workflows demand. Microsoft Teams is a great way to facilitate this but still have the security and compliance that Office 365 provides for business.

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