Changes to mobile Office

Blog Author: Aaron Smith | November 19th, 2014

Microsoft has recently announced that it is changing the options for its Office product on mobile devices. You can read about these changes at:

Firstly, it is going to make all versions able to edit document, whereas previously you needed an Office 365 subscription to do this. They have also announced that they are releasing a free Office for Android soon. In fact, if you have an Android tablet you can sign up for the beta of Office for Android now.

Another interesting announcement is the integration between Office and Dropbox. Interesting in the way that Dropbox could be construed as a direct competitor for Microsoft’s OneDrive product. The latest version of the Office for iPad and iPhone now support the ability to access Dropbox directly, which you can read more about here:

Some claim that free Office on mobile devices is too little too late but that is overlooking how widespread and familiar the Office products are today, especially in business. It also overlooks how well these mobile apps are and how appealing they are for people to use.

These moves by Microsoft are an indication that it appreciates how important the mobile space is and how important it is to provide its major cash-cow product on these platform. Even by giving them away free on mobile devices they are ensuring that many stay aligned with the Microsoft product stack, instead of searching elsewhere.

If you have an i-device you can download these new Office apps for yourself and give them a try. You might be surprised at how good they actually are!

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