Changes to DNS

Blog Author: Aaron Smith | May 5th, 2010

There is a bit of a buzz in the IT industry at the moment about a major change that will be occurring to the Internet’s “DNS” – domain name system.

“On May 5 (US time), the world’s top domain authorities (led by ICANN, the US Government and Verisign) will complete the first phase of the roll-out of DNSSEC (Domain Name System Security Extensions) across the 13 root servers that direct user requests to the relevant websites on the Internet.” [source]

These changes are being brought into effect in an attempt to improve Internet security, which is great – but it is important to acknowledge that it is a major change and may cause issues. It is to be expected that some organisations may start experiencing Internet access issues after the upgrade has been carried out

This is just a heads up regarding the matter – of course, if you experience any issues with Internet connectivity please contact us, as you normally would with:
– a description of the issue you are having – whether it is affecting everyone, or only you – when you noticed the problem started occurring – Notes or screenshots of any error messages that you are getting.

This as always, will help greatly in diagnosing the issue you may be having.

Behind the scenes, as part of our managed services, we are working to confirm that these changes will not adversely affect our clients on Network Care Plans. Any anomalies that we uncover will be communicated in due course.

We will keep in touch regarding any further developments concerning this issue.

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