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Mid-life Server Upgrade extends the life of existing infrastructure (2013).

Burwell Technologies was experiencing performance issues on their Virtual Server.  During discussions with the client and evaluation of their current infrastructure, Correct Solutions recommended a “mid-life upgrade” rather than simply replacing the hardware.

A mid-life upgrade will extend the life of existing hardware that is still otherwise reliable and under manufacturer’s hardware warranty.  This option provided a cost-effective option for Burwell; they get to see a performance boost while maximising their previous investments in infrastructure.

The upgrade involved increasing the amount of RAM as well as a hard disk replacement to increase storage capacity.  More than 48GB RAM was installed onto the hardware platform which meant that the limits within the Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2 had been reached.

Correct Solutions recommended upgrading the machine to Windows Server 2012 Standard, which also helps to extend the life of the hardware, but more importantly, allows us to unlock the new features in Hyper-V such as Dynamic RAM to solve the limitation issue and Virtual Hard Disk Formatting (which can support up to 64TB of storage).

Correct Solutions facilitated the entire procurement process; sourcing the hardware and provisioning the licensing, as well as set up and installation.  Our technicians attended site after hours; the server was efficiently and safely backed up and migrated onto the upgraded platform.

The whole process was completed with minimal business down time and no negative impact on business continuity, Burwell were up and running the next day without issue.

Industry: Manufacturing & Distribution

Company size: 11 – 49 Seats

Microsoft Case Study: IT Provider Gives SMB Customers Flexibility with Mixed Cloud and On-Premises Solutions (2013)

…Correct Solutions was an early adopter of the Windows Server 2012 Essentials operating system, which provides remote access, file and print sharing, data backup and restoration, and other core server capabilities in one integrated package. Correct Solutions liked the easy integration of Windows Server 2012 Essentials with Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 and with Microsoft Office 365, a set of cloud services that includes email, document sharing, instant messaging, and videoconferencing. By using Windows Server 2012 Essentials, Correct Solutions can give small businesses a cost-effective, on-premises server to provide basic server capabilities and, if it suits their business, recommend Office 365 for cloud-based services such as email…

Visit Microsoft Case Studies to view the full article.

Virtualisation brings significant performance boost for Manufacturing Company (2013)

Gulf Western Oil was running their accounting system on an aging Small Business Server 2003.  Both the physical infrastructure and the operating system were struggling to keep up with the workload and they were seeing some real performance issues.

As the incumbent IT Partner, Correct Solutions was asked to provide consultation and a suitable solution.  Correct recommended a HP ML Series Server virtualised using Microsoft Hyper-V.

Virtualisation enabled Correct to provide a host platform that could run the new Small Business Server 2011 as well as the SQL Database and Terminal/RDS Server in stand-alone instances.  Having separate instances means that the resources of the server can be allocated in such a way as to maximise the performance of a single piece of hardware while consolidating the number of physical servers require to provide the solution.

New software licenses were required to deliver the solution.  Correct Solutions recommended Open Licensing for SBS 2011 as it gives Gulf Western Oil flexibility to move the licensing from one physical box to another if needs be, thereby enabling hardware independent restore in a disaster recovery scenario.

Correct recommended Open Value with Software Assurance for the Terminal/RDS Server as it affords them upgrade rights during the period of active Software Assurance, providing an upgrade path for the future.

Minimal downtime resulted from the migration and the client now enjoys significant performance from their accounting system.

Industry: Manufacturing

Company Size: 11 – 49 seats

Hosted Phone System improves productivity and scalability (2012)

Alchemex provides reporting/Business Intelligence solutions that interact with a company’s accounting or payroll system and deliver financial and business management reports.

Alchemex engaged Correct Solutions in February 2010 to conduct a Network Audit and provide recommendations for the condition of the Alchemex network infrastructure, with a view to providing ongoing support.  Since then, Correct has acted as Alchemex’s IT partner, performing various support activities such as Server patching and maintenance and supply and maintenance of equipment as required.

In 2012, Alchemex sought Correct’s consultation regarding their on-premise phone system, which was no longer reliable.  Not only was the infrastructure an issue, but the underlying SIP connections had been broken into several times over the previous 18 months.  Overall, the system had limitations that they wanted to work around.

They wanted the ability to work from the office or from home and still have access to the company phone system and each other in either location or while travelling.

Correct Solutions recommended a Hosted PBX (Private Branch Exchange) system.  A Hosted PBX is a virtualised IP phone system that provides advanced call handling features for a low monthly price.  Instead of having a traditional costly hardware system installed onsite, a hosted PBX system delivers the PBX functionality “as a Service”.

A 5 Line Hosted PBX was perfect for Alchemex, offering:

  • Unlimited Extensions
  • Inbound and Outbound Fax
  • Video Conferencing
  • No limitations on other PBX features

This solution allows the staff to have a handset in the office as well as in their home offices and work from either location without the need to log in or out.  Likewise when staff are travelling, they have the option of utilising a soft phone (via a laptop/pc/iPhone app) with a headset to stay connected.

By replacing the old and insecure system that was costing a lot in ongoing maintenance, Alchemex now enjoys:

  • A hosted phone system with multiple incoming numbers
  • Ability to implement an automated Interactive Voice Response (IVR) and after-hours messaging system to help route calls
  • A purely hosted and scalable system that allows them to add or remove additional handsets with no extra monthly costs
  • The ability to have handsets in key staff’s homes, which allows them to be more productive and flexible
  • The ability to be connected to the company phone system while travelling.

Industry: BI Solutions

Company Size: 11 – 49 Seats

Hyper-V enables virtualised platform for improved performance & productivity (2012).

R Weatherdon & Co Pty Ltd had a really slow and aged Server.  Processing data was painful and the act of running reports was just taking far too much time and slowing down their productivity.

Upon a referral from their Accounting software support company, R Weatherdon contacted Correct Solutions to provide a strategic IT consultation.  After the initial consultation, a replacement Server was recommended.  A HP Server utilising Microsoft Hyper-V virtualisation technology was employed to host a new Microsoft Windows Small Business Server 2011, as well as a dedicated Line of Business/SQL Application server.

Utilising Hyper-V to create two independent environments for the SBS Server and their SQL Server enabled us to get the best efficiency out of each system.

After the replacement, the reports from their Line of Business application now run seamlessly and take just a few minutes, compared to an hour!  They also enjoy the use of Remote Desktop Gateway, which allows them to remotely connect back to the Server without any hassles.

Correct Solutions also assisted with the selection of appropriate Microsoft software licensing.  Based on budget, business goals and requirements, Open Licensing was the most suitable solution.  Correct Solutions facilitated the procurement and delivery of the licensing to the client.

Industry: Wholesale/Distribution

Company size: 11 – 49 Seats

Windows Server 2012 Essentials and Office 365 provides a flexible solution (2012).

Pet Industry Association of Australia (PIAA) was in need of a Server upgrade.  Their ageing infrastructure was out of warranty, creating a potential vulnerability to their business continuity in the event of a hardware failure.  There were also the typical productivity issues that result from running a business on aging Server equipment.

Correct Solutions consulted with PIAA to discuss their requirements now and into the future.  A new HP Server running Windows Server 2012 Essentials was deemed a perfect fit for the size of the company and requirements of the infrastructure.

Windows Server 2012 Essentials provides PIAA a flexible solution that allows them to store and secure their data and run applications on-premise.  It incorporates the latest Microsoft technologies for management, networking, data storage and backup, security, and document and printer sharing.  It also enables them to take advantage of Cloud applications and services such as Office 365.

PIAA are enjoying the use of Office365 as this allowed them to connect a variety of mobile devices as well as benefiting from the high availability of Office365.

Correct Solutions carried out the migration services from PIAA’s aged SBS 2003 Server to the new Windows Server 2012 Essentials platform and also migrated their email platform to the Cloud.

Industry: Not For Profit

Company size: 5 – 11 Seats

Solving a SMB client’s pain point – concurrent access to the MYOB Database (2010).

Field Furnace is a small business that specialises in the supply of refractory products for industrial, commercial and domestic purposes.

Field Furnace approached Correct Solutions for some assistance in solving an issue they were having with multi-user access to MYOB. Their IT environment consisted of a local area network. They needed to have their MYOB database available to more than one user at a time and with their existing setup, this just wasn’t feasible.

In addition, Field Furnace was looking for a solution that would enable files to be shared and stored centrally, company data to be backed up securely, enable everyone access to the internet and provide an email platform that allowed users to enjoy the full Outlook experience – access to emails, shared calendars and contacts, tasks etc.   Field Furnace also recognised they really needed to update an aging fleet of PCs that had been accumulated over time and consisted of a mix of consumer PCs and white boxes.

Due to Field Furnace’s size and growth projections, Correct Solutions felt that Windows Server 2008 Foundation would be a perfect fit for this client’s needs. In conjunction with the Microsoft BPOS suite, Windows Server 2008 Foundation – deployed on a HP ProLiant Server – met all of the client’s requirements, providing a stable, secure IT platform to support the business.

Field Furnace also took Correct’s advice when it came to upgrading their PC fleet. HP Business PCs enable them to benefit from longer product life cycles, reliable, well-tested hardware and longer standard warranty options, as well as energy-efficient designs that reduce their power consumption.

Correct were able to configure MYOB to run in a Terminal Services environment on the Foundation Server platform; with Remote Desktop Services enabled for each user, Field Furnace can now easily and efficient access their MYOB data base in a concurrent manner, reliably from their HP Business PCs.

Industry: Wholesale

Company size: 5 – 11 Seats

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