You Can Now Change Your Mind on Yammer

A growing number of organisations are embracing the move to enterprise social networking inside their business. It is a very effective way to make information more visible and reduce email overload. The tool that permits this interaction within a business is Yammer which is included in all Microsoft

The Dangers of Free Wi-Fi

We’ve all done it at one point or another. Maybe you didn’t want to exceed your monthly data limit, maybe you needed to check your email on your laptop, or maybe you were traveling abroad and wanted to avoid expensive roaming data rates – so you connected to free, unsecured Wi-Fi.

Prevention is better than cure for your IT back-ups

As a practice manager or owner of a medical or dental centre, you’ll know how important it is to have your IT operations running smoothly. So if you carry out regular back-ups of your systems, then you probably think you’re covered if something goes wrong. Unfortunately this is not the case. Wit

How the Internet of Things could make or break your medical practice

The IOT (Internet of Things), where basically any type of IoT-enabled device can be connected to the internet, opens up huge opportunities for organisations but also presents many challenges. For medical and dental practices, an expanded IoT network promises new levels of patient monitoring and mana

The Worst Password Mistakes that Compromise Security

Broadcasting your password on national television may be the easiest way to invite hackers, but common password mistakes make it almost as easy for your data security to be compromised. Password safety may not be one of the most interesting topics in the realm of cybersecurity, but having a strong p

Considering Changes! Tell Us What You Think!

Correct Solutions has been reviewing how best to give customers more relevant information in a timely manner.  With this in mind, we will be refreshing our newsletter process over the coming few months. With an aim to allow users to choose what type of information they will receive we will be givin

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