BYOD is big

Blog Author: Aaron Smith | December 3rd, 2013


There is little doubt that bring your own device (BYOD) to work is fast becoming a major factor in the way that employees work for a business. There are now simply too many devices from too many different providers to keep track of. The problem is that if you run a business then you NEED to keep track of them as they will typically have corporate information on them.

The issue with BYOD is that the turn-over of these devices is much greater than was ever experienced with desktop PCs. This means that a soon as you have one device under control then it has been replaced with another with loads more functionality. Now imagine this for every employee with one, two, and more devices.

Another thing businesses need to consider is the fact that the domination of devices in the workplace is only going to increase. For many employees, what device they receive or get to use when they commence work is more important than any other conditions they receive as part of their employment contract.

So the big question for most businesses is what are you doing about the move to BYOD? What policies and procedures are you putting in place to manage these challenges? What technology are you also implementing to allow you to easily manage and control your business information on devices which you may not own?

These questions are not easy for most organizations and this is where Correct can help. We can provide you with the advice and solutions to solve your BYOD challenges. We are able to assist with the whole process from acquiring to disposal and recommend that you contact us sooner rather than later when it comes to BYOD.

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