Whether a business employs an internal IT person, or a business leader is managing IT themselves, it’s almost impossible to find someone who has the skills and knowledge to manage all aspects of IT. System issues, day to day support, management of new software and licenses and then there’s the projects. How can your IT plan be improved to support your growing business in the future? And who will deliver on all the different aspects needed – support, management and projects?

It’s important to recognise where help is needed and look at the different options to align technology and your business. Outsourcing and having additional support, could be the difference between a business hitting, or missing their yearly targets.

For help with the day to day management of IT, there are Managed Service Providers (MSP). They can help with IT helpdesk support in a business and maintain systems and servers effectively. On top of this, a business should have a strategic IT plan. This could include anything from how business security could be improved, to vendor engagement, and even the identification and management of process deficiencies. Naturally, this also includes investigating where the current IT infrastructure is weak in supporting the business and its staff.

It’s rare that these two pieces are both accounted for (even if you’re using an MSP), which is why Correct Solutions have developed IT Manager as a Service (ITMaaS). They can work with you or an existing MSP, to build an IT strategy and have a plan.

They not only bring a wealth of IT experience into their business through a trusted partnership, but businesses also benefit from Correct Solutions’ expert knowledge in finding the right technology solutions for their business.


The cost of IT Manager as a Service

With tech changing so quickly, businesses today need someone to provide strategic guidance on what IT solutions are best for them.

Which IT solution will help them grow their business, and will that tech still be best-practice a few years down the track?

Does the SME need to leverage vendor relationships, and do they know how to do that?

Not every MSP or internal IT team offer that guidance, which is why Correct Solutions set up ‘IT Manager as a Service’ (ITMaaS). Often strategic support is not addressed by businesses due to time and the perceived high cost to outsource this service, but here’s why it’s worth the investment.


A wealth of experience at a fraction of the cost Correct Solutions has 21 years of experience providing IT solutions. Plus, all our IT professionals also bring years of individual experience to the job. So, you benefit from having the services of an experienced professional without the costs of onboarding or training.

A consistent IT budget In-house IT costs can fluctuate wildly, due to software licences, system upgrades and unforeseen issues. But by outsourcing to Correct Solutions, there’s a set monthly charge so you know what you’ll pay and when you need to pay it.

Only pay for what your business needs – We will only charge you for the support you need so you don’t have to pay for a full-time, experienced IT Manager that can be costly. You can scale up and down depending on your business needs.


If a business doesn’t currently have an IT strategy, the cost of outsourcing this service could be questionable. But to truly empower a business to reach its full potential and stay safe from the ever-changing security risks in cyberspace, it’s an investment that’s definitely needed.


Why use ITMaaS to create a strategic plan for your business?

Many of our customers are seeing great results when working with us. Especially in creating a strategy for where their IT needs to go and then delivering on this.


ITMaaS will give you:

A refined process We’ve tested processes with our diverse client base and have constantly improved them over the past two decades.

A business conversation With ITMaaS, you benefit from a structured conversation about business needs. Are there any areas of your business that could benefit from different tech? Are there any features of your current solution that staff aren’t using because they’re not tailored for the type of work they do? A lot of MSPs don’t provide this business conversation, but simply focus on the basics of IT support. With ITMaaS, we work with your existing IT people to identify the right solutions for your business and can help train staff to use them effectively.

An increase in business productivity – Technology in the workplace is changing so rapidly it’s hard to keep up. Let our team help you plan what’s needed now and for future growth. We take away the stress and hassle and can work with your current IT support teams so your staff can focus on what they need too.

Peace of mind – Know your business’ IT systems are protected and you won’t be set back from reaching your business goals. There are constantly new security issues arising and we’ll help you stay on top of them.


Technology continues to grow and change, making it a challenge for businesses to keep up. At Correct Solutions, we see our job as helping businesses to plan and invest intelligently in tech so that they can continue to reach their potential, no matter what changes lie ahead.


Interested in learning more about ITMaaS and how your business can have a solid strategic plan?

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