Vineyard Church is a Christian church based in Vineyard, NSW. The church has progressed in various stages of growth over the last 30 years to how it is today. It relies highly on volunteers to help with its operations including IT support, the youngest being only 16 years old. There are no full-time or onsite IT staff employed by Vineyard Church.

Over the last two years, the church has built a new auditorium which opened with its first service on 18 February 2018 seating over 900 people. With the new auditorium came new challenges posed by the variety of cheap, no-brand-name devices used for switching and Wi-Fi needs. The church had a wide range of vendors and no ability to track and manage the Wi-Fi environment. New production systems for lights, sound, media, and cameras needed a new reliable and modern network to support it.

Wayne Small, the Technology Specialist from Correct Solutions, helped the church to ‘think bigger’ and proposed a more holistic approach that would set the foundation stones for the long-term.


The Process

After assessing a variety of options, Correct Solutions recommended the D-Link solution. Vineyard Church wanted to ensure they selected a vendor that offered both quality and who could work within their budget.

Wayne Small used his 20 years’ experience with Correct Solutions to take care of the system design and architecture. The Vineyard IT team looked after the installation, with Correct Solutions providing ongoing support and advice. Correct Solutions also organised some free D-Link online training to help with the ongoing running of the system. This allowed the church’s IT team to easily and efficiently maintain the network, and keep associated running costs to a minimum.


Outcome and Benefits

The Wi-Fi and networking systems are fundamental to the operations of the church during mid-week work and particularly during Sunday services. Any outage causes significant disruption.

After the initial bedding in of the system, Vineyard is now celebrating solid performance and reliability without any of the glitches experienced in the past. Indeed, the senior pastor has commented,

“What have you done to the Wi-Fi? It doesn’t break anymore.”