There is plenty to support the productivity benefits of multiple screens. Don’t believe me? Have a look at all those traders you see in the background every news bulletin during the stock market update. Just count how many screens they each have. It ain’t one, that’s for sure.

Most systems these days support the ability to directly connect a second screen. Windows will generally automatically detect the presence of the second screen and automatically configure it. Once configured you can use the Windows key + P to ‘project’ your desktop. In most cases to get the benefits of the additional screen real estate you’ll need to ‘extend’ your desktop across to the additional screen. Once you have done this you can open programs on either screen.

With multiple screens configured you can use the Windows key + arrows to move the active window around the desktop. This allows you to quickly move an application from one screen to another. Windows key + up arrow will maximise a program on the screen that it is currently displayed on.

Many believe that having one large screen is better than have two smaller screens but again, studies demonstrate that two small screens are much easier to use when it comes to displaying information. Also, it is also possible to rotate the second screen so that it is in a portrait rather than the traditional landscape. Portrait orientation makes reading and scrolling much easier, which is what most knowledge work is about.

If you don’t have the native ability to use two screens you can generally easily accomplish this with a docking station that connects via USB to your machine. A docking station generally not only allows multiple screens but it also typically has other resources like a headphone jack, additional USB ports, etc right at the front. A docking station is also a good option if you travel regularly with your machine. You can simply connect back into the docking station when you return to your desk and take advantage of a big screen and normal keyboard.

If you only have a single screen and finding it slow to continually move between sources of information, then consider a second screen. It is generally only a very small investment and the productivity benefits are significant. At Correct, we are big believers in having dual screens, and many people have more than 2!  If you are looking to boost your productivity using dual screen give us a call on (02) 8331 8200 and we can help make it happen.

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