When commercial building company Total Construction carried out annual performance reviews with staff, one area was continually raised. Employees wanted training on how to make the most of their Microsoft Office products. But they didn’t want something generic. They needed training that was relevant to their jobs.

“We’d tried using training companies,” says Jeff Jones, Total Construction’s Chief Executive Officer. “But the sessions were bland, usually in an inconvenient location, and not really tailored to our staff. A full day was taken up, and feedback from staff was that the training wasn’t applicable to their job.”


Total Construction holds quarterly business reviews with their IT partner, Correct Solutions. During this review, they discuss upcoming projects and strategy. The issue regarding bespoke staff training in Microsoft Office came up.

Being familiar with Total Construction’s business enabled Correct Solutions to put together dedicated training sessions that applied directly to staff roles. The ‘Lunch and Learn’ sessions began six months ago, focusing initially on Microsoft Word, Excel and Outlook.

Sessions are run in groups of around ten mostly with office-based staff. Staff take in laptops and share their direct challenges. Training is centred around staff needs and tips and tricks to help increase productivity and efficiency. Workbooks also give employees an ongoing reference tool to recap on learning or gain additional tips.


The feedback from staff has been positive.

“Having in-house training means that we save the time that it would take to travel to a training venue, which is really convenient for our staff,” says Aleksandra Vilotic, Total Construction’s Human Resources Manager. “People get a lot out of them. Some people couldn’t get to the Excel Intermediate session, so we were asked to run another one because it had been so well received.”

“CorrectED is great at reading the room. Rather than sticking to a module structure, they are flexible on what is delivered. They are personal which is great for our team,” adds Jeff Jones.

Tom Franks, an employee at Total Constructions adds, “I really enjoyed the interactive part of the training. I’ve struggled with webinars before – no interaction, too hard to ask a question. It’s much better to have someone present, and the ‘Lunch and Learn’ sessions were definitely interactive, fun and good to have.”

Even CEO Jeff Jones has benefited from the sessions. He’s now taking advantage of the new tips and tricks to help increase productivity and make work more efficient.

“The Outlook session included tips on how to make email more efficient. I have now set up a rule where emails I’m cc’d into go into a specific folder. This means I prioritise those that are ‘to’ me and move on to the ‘cc’ ones later. This has really helped me reduce distractions,” says Jeff Jones.

Total Constructions is now evaluating training needs in their Victoria and Queensland divisions while reviewing training requirements for head office staff.

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