Technology over the years has forced us to think that files and folders are the only way to store information. If we need to store anything else, like communications, then we use a different application like Outlook. The trend however now is to move towards an environment where the elements that are required are aggregated into a collaboration environment.

This means having a single location for calendars, contacts, emails and files and folders. Typically these collaboration sites are created for a specific project to allow everything related to that project to be in a single location.

The best example of this is Microsoft SharePoint, which has been designed for collaboration at the outset. SharePoint has proved to be very successful in many large organizations that have multiple people, projects and teams but the need to collaborate extends to all organizations big and small.

If you already use Small Business Server or Office 365, chances are that you have access to SharePoint. If not, then it is not expensive to obtain an entry level version.

If you need help getting started with SharePoint, contact Correct. We can provide installation, configuration, design and training on your collaboration needs. Let us show you the benefits and features of what a product like SharePoint can do, and how it can help your business be more effective.

As technology shifts to the cloud, there is less of a need to work with files and folders. You will simply have access to your data everywhere and anywhere, even when you are not connected to the Internet.

Remember for all your collaboration and cloud needs contact Correct Solutions.