Beware of the return of Cryptolocker

Blog Author: Aaron Smith | May 30th, 2014

Unfortunately, the Cryptolocker virus has raised its ugly head again. If you aren’t aware, here is what Cryptolocker is all about:

How can I stop getting infected by the Cryptolocker virus

Cryptolocker is still out there

The latest vector is an email posing as an electricity bill just like this:


The subject of the email is typically “6383893 Electricity bill 30 May” from Energy Australia and claims that your energy bill is now available.

The email encourages receivers to click on a link to view their bill online. It provides a discount incentive on the bill to entice users further.

If the link is clicked it opens a web site infected with the Cryptolocker virus then immediately executes and starts encrypting files on the local hard disk and on the network without the users knowledge.

Once the files are encrypted the ONLY way that files can be recovered is by restoring these from a backup!

Correct recommends that all customers inform their employees not to open these type of emails and especially NOT to click on any links contained within.

If you suspect that your machine has been infected please contact us as quickly as possible.

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