If you don’t already use SharePoint in your business, we’re pretty confident that if you took us up on an hour or two of consultation regarding your business processes, we’d find a number of areas that could be streamlined or improved.  We’re not just talking about technology for technology’s sake; we want to make you more efficient and save you money.

So here is a question; can you relate to any of the following?

  • We struggle with document management and version control.  Often documents go out without approval and it would be great to have better regulation over this.
  • It is a battle to ensure that our own valuable information about how our business operates is documented and maintained.
  • It would be a real asset if information was centrally located, backed up and searchable!
  • We’d like to improve communication and reduce the amount of time people spend in meetings.
  • Our business processes seem quite manual and it is often unclear who is responsibility and accountable.
  • We’d like to develop workflows around our processes so that they could be automated and track the flow of information.
  • Taking information ‘offline’ is difficult, we’re just not sure of the best way to access the documents we need when not connected to the network.

Did you answer yes to any of the above statements?  Then we should talk, particularly if you run a Small Business Server.  You may not have explored all there is to gain from it!  The basic features of SharePoint are already available to you via something known as “Companyweb”.

Companyweb is built using SharePoint technology.  It is an internal web site also known as an Intranet.  It is a component of Microsoft Windows Small Business Server; however this is not something that is fully set up out of the box, as each company should have a strategic plan to ensure they get the most out of a Companyweb deployment.

Companyweb enables you to store all sorts of information including documents, spread sheets, emails, photos and PDFs. You can also store other general information that is typically part of any business including things such as tasks, calendars, projects, lists and more. In many ways it can become the central repository for all the information you have in your business and you can link it directly to the applications you use every day.

Sounds great?  Call us on 02 8831 8200 to book your Companyweb consultation today.  It may be the best hour or two you spend this year!